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„The-Life! Pure Body Technology” is the only health improvement strategy that is based on the fundamental biological concept of the human body. This method enables the possibility to control the process of food from the production to the physiological effects to the customers after consumption.

All the essential factors that are necessary for vital processes, and are isolated by science and economy at the moment, are integrated into a system on consensual principles. There is no existing concept today that is nearly as complex as this is.

Our planet provides us with all the necessary conditions for life. Although, every single stimulus that we encounter affect our body functions, henceforth a lifestyle system has to take both the inside data – from the body – and the outside data – from the biosphere – into account.

We make the right nutrition and diet identifiable for the average person, provide a customized diagnosis, advise the appropriate exercise form individually depending on the person’s state and familiarize them with the necessary knowledge regarding lifestyle and body functioning. The user’s body functions are constantly monitored by a biochip and the state of their surroundings are also observed by sensors including climate, weather, pollution etc. All these technologies had existed before but they have never been collected and put into a system. „The-Life! Pure Body Technology” has its own complex bioinformation technology system that consistently monitors all data from different information systems. All this data is assessed by an artificial intelligence and provides the perfectly individualized lifestyle and diet suggestions for the user, just like a virtual personal trainer.

The user enjoys the support of state of the art digital technology and the most up to date scientific knowledge making them able to perfect their lifestyle in any way they wish to. They also become a part of a bigger entity, a world size community with a common aspiration to guide the food production in the right direction that fits both the individual needs and our common needs favorable and prosperous for our environment and eco-system.

„The-Life!” is not to be confused with any of the existing therapy or lifestyle guide. It is not a new dieting craze, or miracle solution.

The concept of The-Life! is based on the same principals as the human body, thus, adapts to the same patterns in functioning. It examines elements that make up the human as a whole, as one unit.

All the complicated correlations between the functioning of the human parts are summarized into easily understandable data for the average person. With the use of this, they can easily develop applicable services and exercises for themselves.

The concept of The-Life! is immensely complex but incredibly easy and simple and the same time.

This apparent deceiving contradiction is because the human body works exactly the same way. It unfolds from a couple of simple natural laws into an extremely complex organism. In order to run it appropriately and avoid harming it, we need to understand its processes first.

„The-Life! Pure Body Technology” will make it possible for everyone to improve their overall health, independently from their current state or lifestyle, with an absolutely customized strategy and gives the ability to carry out a gradual improvement. The user can start using the system from right where they currently are. They are not forced into circumstances that are impossible to execute. This is the first – and so far the only – customized lifestyle guide.

We are able to indicate the interactions between the user’s body and their social and natural surroundings incorporating all the digital technology known today, including the biological, agrarian-information and mobile-communication devices with the wearable biochip that monitors it all.

It is necessary to restore the fundamental laws of the human body that are affected in the civilization.

The-Life! is a knowledge based information technology system that draws connection and conformity between natural laws and the rapid development of technological devices in the modern world.

Its legitimacy lies in the knowledge of natural laws, while its liability in the humility towards the constant scientific learning-developing process of the nature.

Up until this moment we have selfishly exploited our planet.

Today’s computer technology makes the distribution of „The-Life! Pure Body Technology” possible to the whole civilization and its implementation will have an impact on the planet’s ecosystem and its sustainable development never seen before.

Thanks to this world forming global technology it has been made possible for the modern man to live in harmony with the planet based on mutually beneficial interests.

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