The-Life! Virtual Coach Control

Cloud-based “artificial intelligence”. With the additions of mobile apps and diagnostic devices (a biosensor). This is a complex activity manager application.

Controls and assists the direct development of the user as a personal trainer. It takes the user’s agenda and lifestyle peculiarities into account and gives dietary, and lifestyle suggestions accordingly. It also takes the current real-time physiological characteristics, physical endowments, and performance needs into account. All the effects of the external environmental is directly influenced by the organisation’s internal functioning. Therefore, the system of the body and the data from the biosphere and their mutual interactions are being monitored. All the world’s knowledge, advanced technologies support the person to connect with nature to cooperate. Fifty thousand years of knowledge is summed up here in every moment so that the user’s life improves, and thus he actively develops environment.

It is an ever present key question for our civilization how we can implement the inevitable and necessary technological development coexistent with nature and not do any harm to it and to return to the natural roots. These two criteria: the required correct knowledge, and that sufficient number of people apply it successfully in in all areas of their own lives.

Unfortunately, the gap between the ideal lifestyle and the current applied techniques is too big. So much so that individual efforts are almost useless. “The-Life! Virtual Coach Control”, however, allows the user to keep their paths in the correct channel and not make the mistake of wandering on the wrong grounds. With the use of the system it is much safer to determine what’s healthy and what’s not.

The individual is in connection with everything, everywhere with the use of the “The Life! Virtual Coach Control” global bioinformatics system at all times. In developed societies, all citizens will be able to use it, so individual efforts are multiplied, and the general lifestyle is in the right direction.

The digital sensors provide real time data just like the the various geographical, climatic, meteorological, environmental pollution, etc. – and the different cultural, social characteristics will be accessible by anyone with the use of the internet. The individuals of the it system are actually linked to the whole biosphere, and they are in continuous, interactive relationship with everything that surrounds them. The tremendous amount of data in the system is fully personalised on the basis of the life laws.

Your own health information is the best motivation for you to do better and better for yourself. If we know exactly what happens in the body, then we can change it. The development of more sophisticated biosensors allow us to provide more precise real-time data about the physiological processes, thus, on the proposals and suggestions of both the individual and the system, an opportunity for a needed immediate action is provided whether it be about diet or exercise.

The bioinformatics system analyses the data becoming more and more knowledgeable. It is a good way to learn from mistakes made by other people. The more users use the system, the amount of data increases rapidly and the more sophisticated and useful the system becomes. This is a never-before-seen enormous progress.

Since not only the individual’s health status can be followed in such manner, but also the human impact on the environment, the development will not only be an explosion in the life sciences, but it will transform each technology used by man. Given that a healthy lifestyle can be achieved only in a healthy environment, factors like environmental machinery, tools and technologies don’t fit into the picture.

“The-Life! Virtual Coach Control” user responsibility level grows higher as it becomes obvious for their own health that the level of their own living environment matters the most in the improvement so it is their responsibility to do for it.

Their efforts will not be considered useless or in vain as they become a member of a rapidly growing community where their additions are tangible.

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