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A new era in dieting and lifestyle.

“The-Life! Quality” is an independent qualificatory, certificatory system that helps customers make decisions based on trademarks of quality products and services. It supports a healthy lifestyle, health improvement and optimal body functioning. It offers guidelines to a natural lifestyle and diet. It offers guidelines, certifications and proof for developers of nature-friendly technologies.

People finally have the opportunity to make the right lifestyle decisions as they will gain the knowledge what is in the interest of their own body functioning along with nature’s procedures.

This is the only trademark in the world that offers an entirely personalized diet adjusted to the individual’s circumstances and resources. Users of this system will gradually produce and/or purchase the goods best suitable for themselves as well as their surroundings. This way their lifestyle and the technologies they use will become much more nature-friendly.

“The-Life! Quality” makes it possible to finally create a bio information system – an artificial intelligence – that gives way to the improvement of the digital world for humans as well as for nature and prepares extension to life expectancy, sustainability and aids efforts made to advance the development of the current technology.

The first module of “The-Life! Quality” a „The-Life! Pure Body Technology” – a complex lifestyle system – is a fundamental element in establishing a global bioinformation system. If we want to have a personalized diet and lifestyle guide on our smartphones (which is the dream of the highest tech companies) it is essential to create „The-Life! Quality” system.

Nowadays, there is a huge gap between our current lifestyle and the desired optimal lifestyle.

However, „The-Life! Pure Body Technology” means a bridge for this gap. It incorporates the leading technologies in the world and the scientific data into one single system. Optimal guidelines are imposed individually for the users shaping the world in a healthy direction.

More about “The-Life! Quality”:

What is the problem? Currently what solutions exist for the problem?

Even among the most prestigious experts it is still highly debated what ”appropriate lifestyle” means for humans. No person has ever been able to prove their way correct beyond their opinions, habits or taste. What does a natural diet mean for humans? One research refutes the other. A number of inadequate guidelines lead to a viral extension of civilizational diseases which is also the reason for the unsustainable technological development.

Everyone desires healthy body and mind. However, until we do not know the appropriate natural lifestyle circumstances, there is always going to be some sort of disorder in body functioning which means a barrier for mental and physical balance. Diseases caused by inappropriate dieting and lifestyle can only be treated on the surface. Experts are treating the symptoms by vitamins and supplements and not the roots of the matter. On top of that, the newest ideas are completely articular and unnatural such as gene modifications, chemicals and nanorobotic treatments. These methods are more risky than actually effective.

The degree of health of all forms of life (species and individuals) depend on one factor: How well its lifestyle fits the natural circumstances that the individual lives in. The existing lifestyle systems are inadequate to be a reliable guideline for a long term health improvement for our civilization.

It is safe to say that scientists are still in the dark regarding natural dieting. They can interfere with the balance of an individual’s life functions with highly developed tools, although, these tools are applied incorrectly. These processes have the power to push humanity out of harmony with nature. There is no real base to lean on neither for everyday people nor for doctors that would mean certainty in the correctness of a given lifestyle.

How will „The-Life! Quality” solve the problem?

Based on the guidelines of a healthy lifestyle I summon a completely independent qualificatory, certificatory system that labels each product as healthy or unhealthy based on fundamental laws that govern our body functioning. These will provide guidelines for consumers, doctors, experts, scientists and also for agriculture and food industry. It will also establish consent that can help bring different fields of sciences together. We will have the possibility to establish a lifestyle system to personalize lifestyle tips supported by an artificial intelligence that utilizes the most cutting edge solutions developed by the leading companies.

What is that special feature of “The-Life! Quality” that distinguishes it from others?

There has been a breakthrough in lifestyle research. A new approach has made it possible to get insight into the processes that govern body functioning. We are in possession of the axiom-system which gives irrefutable information based on our current knowledge. The observations provided by it connect the natural laws of physics with biological processes such as metabolism (these axioms can be seen as the consent for dieting guidelines). Just like other natural laws, these are relatively easy to observe, too. They are logical, rational and generic.

Doctors, consumers, scientists will have a qualificatory, certificatory system that will grant them the knowledge to utilize and recommend people the proper guidelines for dieting and lifestyle. „The-Life! Quality” will make it possible to easily identify what an individualized diet should look like for the user based on their body functions, on the other hand, all consumed products will be monitored in a database making it easy to evaluate their effects. Not only the physiological changes will be traceable by „The-Life! Pure Body Technology” but also the effects of human interference with the ecosystem. There has never been a system available that is even remotely as precise.

What effects may this have in the areas of innovation, healthy living /active ageing/ health improvement?

Practically the whole “The-Life! Pure Body Technology” is considered a project never seen before since the consumer’s physiological data goes into the system which continuously analyses it. For example, each product impacts all of the users usual surroundings, and not laboratory studies. Health promotion becomes more efficient at an unprecedented rate, as well as targeted research and development. Development is tangible in wearable body diagnostic gadgets, supplements, drugs, food, breeding/production.

The right knowledge equips a person’s body-conscious quarterback. Increase the quality of active in life long terms, improving the quality of life. Goals are easier to reach, and thus life is happy and meaningful.

The doctor’s activities in the future, increasingly, the education, prevention and health protection towards yourself. Reduced spending on health. Given our age of information technology possibilities, health promotion has now a global expansion potential with the monitoring of the individual’s personalized state of health, through a lot of users by a social scale.

“The-Life! Quality” it’s more than a usual trade mark, a product with a label. This is especially true for naturally proper diet principles. Such directives encourage thinking and action.

The correct directives are met by all human activity (be it everyday life, or research and development), gradually the spirit will transpire, by which the nature will seek original harmony.

Practically every progressive scientist that proclaims that a fundamental change in perspective is needed, to make a positive change in the human activities which can stop the natural destruction process.

The “The-Life! Pure Body Technology” policy embodies this, and also that the common denominator of it, which is the common basis of the separate areas of science, technology, and information systems that can be connected together, in particular, to effectively and safely serve the health of the permanently sustainable development.

Considering that it is now available in the diet for optimal physical performance related principles. It is an opportunity to observe the effects of different foods, and label them as healthy or not. There is an urgent need for this rating system. If these directives for mass scale applied by all of the life support system technology, we will set the direction to be entirely nature-friendly. Since the consumer needs transformation so much they will follow the agricultural production processes in the server industry, the technology, the energy-management and education trends.

By having created this rating and certification system, which on the one hand, classify the foods in their natural physiological impact, on the other hand, we are going to know all the ratings undergoing food nutritional values (vitamins, minerals, etc.) – the world’s will first see a way more intelligent bioinformatics system, which is actually the body of proper dietary, and lifestyle suggestions to give to the user. The qualified food characteristics database is stored and, therefore, the system can know how nutrients in food affect the body, and how physiological processes are induced in it.

This rating and certification system, will create the possibility of diagnostic tools for a rapid development. In the absence of this system, the current devices can only lifestyle support specific food trend representing concepts, which is not at all guaranteed to actually comply with the natural laws requirements. Beyond that, I have some health promoting benefits, rather just another fashion wave. However, the real danger they carry, because there’s more space to offer a healing therapy extension for which the adverse conditions are primarily synthetic drugs they want to to remedy. Which, although able to temporarily suppress the symptoms, but also addicted to do this kind of post-treatment patients. And this is far away from the kind of efforts to the organization’s cooperation for natural materials to keep life strong.


The solution, therefore, is rating, a certification system for a life-calling broad dissemination, by which a person is suitable in a clearly identifiable way for natural food and diet, a system that assures that the lifestyle is in the direction of improvement and health.

People can place their diets on the basis of tested and certified foods (vegetables, fruit, crops, etc.) knowing their exact nutritional values. These will be absolutely trustworthy because measurement results will guarantee the basic ideas are correct.

Now it can be tested whether the so far published research data is correct or not.

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