The-Life! International Association

In itself, no one and nothing is able to stay alive alone, but only with collaboration and cooperation with other organisms.

The health seeking people, therefore, will recognize that this system is not just for itself, but for the environment as well. People have a tendency to have fears expressing their intentions and to act alone without any backup.

This independent non-profit organization will unite people with such similar intentions.
It specifically aims to ensure the viability of “The-Life! Pure Body Technology”.

This is mainly implemented by gathering enough financial and human resources. Results are only accessible with new measures in the international and the government legal system. Laws that do not go against the laws of nature as we can never be in peace with our environment until we put an end to the confrontation of our lifestyle with it.

The system seeks community and other available funding opportunities. Self-employed economic activity is prohibited and only allowed by the supervision of designated companies.

Four main objectives: 

  1. To achieve that the UN accept the Nature of the rights of the Universal Declaration, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted and available to the government to adapt the legal system;
  2. The collection of resources;
  3. The establishment, operation and development of the research institute.
  4. International education.

Anyone can become a member of the Association whether it is a private person or organization.

Our priority strategic partners are those, however, who work in fields where our cooperation is fruitful to them.

  • Especially in the health, healing, food, food production, food trade, diagnostics, biology, education, body culture, active in the field of professionals, scientists, institutions and companies can really have significant results to show for our cooperation as a result.
  • We appreciate companies that invest in their employees as they know the best possible state of its workers is the most rewarding investment. These type of companies provide the most significant contribution to the Association as it is an investment that returns its capital soon.
  • The influence of people in higher political, economic and social positions help access our goals faster and better. These persons can contribute the most whether it is about the health-promoting product development or the relevant regulatory compliance developments.
  • The cooperation of public figures, popular celebrities bears invaluable importance, as their contributions spread the popularity of the products and goods world-wide.

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