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The institute’s main task beyond the creation of a knowledge base of human life, physical function of man and their relationship with nature, and the further development of the knowledge materials to organize. Concrete practical applications happen here in targeted research, that are present in everyday life practical services.

In our modern lives it is completely clear that the various life sciences, profit and non-profit institutions, researchers, engineers, and doctors between mutual dialogue are inedible and this is the sort of cooperation that we want to promote. Unite all available knowledge in the world to all humans and other resources with the intent to promote the life sciences, in the field of education working professionals, organisations work, thereby increasing the individual’s and society’s health level.

This is a new point of view, the so-called next-generation research institute. As the generic law dictates to have a new approach generation by generation, this system embodies a new research development approach to life sciences.

Considering the value, it brings to the society, it will work on a non-profit based company structure just like Red Cross. It will be free of bias since it is free of the profit-producing financial commitment, and other interests. It is better to focus on the truly positive effects on people-centred research.

This is the research institute that is going to be different from any other similar institution in the world, for the first time there will be a practice applicable to research. Its efficiency lies in the knowledge based on life laws as opposed to institutions where this knowledge is absent or only partly present and are in the dark in most cases at very high financial costs.

Life laws establish the common reality for different fields of sciences within this institute and different fields of knowledge will finally complement one another especially in those specifically designed for the everyday life or for specific practical solutions.

The settlement of the knowledge areas happens within the institute by which:

  • Artificial intelligence can be programmed,
  • Increasingly sophisticated body diagnostic tools are developed,
  • Agricultural production and the food industry products become more efficient and nature-friendly
  • A knowledge base is created, which is the sustaining force of the permanent development.

The research institute will initially operate as a Virtual research institute. This means that a group of experts will be gathered and they will evaluate the data and the work of different cooperating universities, research institutions. Parallel to this a preparation to create a Campus structure will happen. The Campus the most advanced sustainability principles of all time. It will give place to apartment complexes, hotels, sports facilities, laboratories, educational institutions, community spaces, biodiversity and environmental sustainability research and development establishments. Here will be the cutting-edge research through which more and more efficient nature friendly technologies are created, which will bring nature closer to people, and allow a future development.

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