Health improvement has arrived to a new milestone. There has been a breakthrough in the natural diet theory. With a new approach, it has been defined for the first time what summarizes the optimal functioning of the human body.

We have the axiom system that is irrefutable based on our current knowledge. These laws – just like natural laws in general – are easily observable, logical, sensible and generic.

For the first time we have an evaluating system in hands of scientists, doctors and everyday people that grants them the knowledge on the right diet and lifestyle. This will be a drive for sciences and lifestyle related technologies never seen before.

These principals will be guidelines also for consumers, scientists and doctors. It gives a consensus that can unite fields of sciences that are separated today. It gives us an intelligent lifestyle guide based on information technology systems.

You will have an insight into these principals in the following parts, without having to pay for anything.

If we observe life form in nature it is natural for them to live under peaceful circumstances, uninterruptedly, consuming what is good for them which rarely leaves them sick. However, looking at human society, we see an image of high level sickness. Sickness is not a natural state, rather the consequence of unnatural lifestyle.

Sickness is the disorder of life. In consequence we can assert that the present sickness of humanity is the result of stepping off the appropriate, natural lifestyle.

All living things in nature know what is the right lifestyle for them by instinct, what and how much to eat and how to carry out certain tasks. When humans left their natural lifestyle and acquired our so called „free will” and „freedom of choice” (when our evolutionary leap happened) had to face a number of problems all of a sudden, because we could not enjoy nature’s caretaking through our instincts anymore. We had to come up with new solutions which inevitably confronted us with mother earth. From this moment, we had to experiment our own way to be able to have better survival chances and avoid illnesses. From then, our chances of survival increased in proportion with the accumulated knowledge we acquainted ourselves with rather than an innate ability like in the animal world.

For a solution, henceforth we have to be familiar with all conditions, from the times humans lived in health with nature, we have to see where we stepped off our natural path. This knowledge will be the guideline later on that we can use to compare our current state with what it should be like.

If we restore the circumstances that are naturally appropriate for the human body, healthy functioning will make an appearance.

In case our knowledge is happy and has flaws we can not expect an efficient therapy in any way or form.

If a given organism lives in its right environment on a proper diet, all the nutrients and chemicals that are necessary and that their diet lacks, will be produced within their bodies. For instance, koalas do not eat anything other than eucalyptus, still, however, all the necessary nutrients can be found in their bodies. If they neglect their diet, these nutrients will disappear from them and they will be faced with deficiencies. This is when supplementation becomes a need.

Human race is sick or at least it is under that threat. We encounter diseases of unknown origin in very young children. Society ages too soon and dies too soon. There are a number of reasons why we have the potential to live up to 130-140 years.

We form up a system of community from individuals, races and the interactions and metabolism interactions between them. These system depend on one another. Human actions have to fit into these ecological cycles.

A given organism is in metabolistic connection with its environment (nurturing). In case the organism changes their dieting habits what they do is not only breaks the social contract with other creatures to cooperate, but also ignores the laws of its on metabolistic system. Since they conduct a diet that is not natural, firstly they get sick and if this warning is not adequate, it dies saving others from their own harmful presence. Although if it is capable to survive and maintain its renitent life form, it can completely turn over the harmony of its surroundings provoking its havoc.

We can assert that the health of a given individual, race and ecosystem is proportional with how much their metabolism can adapt to their environment, meaning that they consume that is naturally best for them. They will also be as sick as they neglect their natural nutritional needs.

All human cultures on the basis of their ability to hunt or produce food in their given environments and what their accepted eating habits are. A given community will adapt their production systems and survival techniques (agriculture, industry etc.) to the conditions of the food production in their environment.

Consequently, interfering with the existing eating habits change all life sustaining systems globally. If eating is based on fundamentally false principals, all the pillars of a certain culture essentially builds on false grounds. This means that the given society on shaking grounds is in the direction to desolation as the lifestyles of its individuals confront with the sophisticated systems of the ecosystem – nature.

The solution is to go back and restore our natural lifestyle and diet because this is the only way to bring harmony back to our existence with nature.


  • The body is not the cause of our existence rather an indispensable tool to achieve our goals.
  • The principals, laws and conditions for proper body functioning are the same for each and every human being.
  • Humans are a life form with free will and we are capable to intervene our instinctive behaviours in order to live a more sensible lifestyle
  • The human body is the most sophisticated life form on earth and the proper nutrients can only be produced by organisms of lower hierarchies from the same life communities.
  • Humans in possession of free will went off the track of aiming for a natural harmony instinctively (broke the laws of nature) and this is why we have to face diseases constantly. Sickness is always a result of the violation of natural laws.
  • The bigger knowledge an individual has in their hands, the better they can control their bodies and take responsibilities for it. Only by following the laws of nature can they restore their health. They are as healthy as much they know of the conditions of the healthy existence and how much they can utilize from that.
  • The highest possible level of healthiness of a given individual is determined by the surroundings it lives in. This derives the conclusion that in an unhealthy environment it is impossible to be healthy.
  • The processes going on in our bodies can only be observed with taking the interactions between the body and its environment, as a whole, to consideration.
  • The coexistence of certain living organisms in a community is defined mostly by the laws of its food chain. These are based on the laws of interactions of energy in physics.
  • Illnesses are a disorder of metabolistic systems.
  • The perfection of an organism’s metabolism (its health level) is essentially influenced by two factors: 1/ The level of the given organism’s naturalness in lifestyle, in other words, how adequate the quality and the amount of nutrients for them; 2/ How reasonable is the mind that governs the organism (Is it influenced by emotions for instance?)
  • Improvement and survival can only happen as a result of the individual’s efforts to obey the laws of nature.
  • The progress of human race and the development of technology can only work based on the level of harmony that we aspire to have with mother earth and only if we do not violate metabolistic rules of it.

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