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Only for those does it bear such high significance of taking care of their body, who believe it is the only goal of their existence, and think that its perfection is the condition of their belonging to the society, not a tool with which they can achieve their superior goals.

However, as long as we are locked into our bodies, we are essentially limited and restricted. We are confronted with physical obstacles because of our bodies. So in order to achieve our goals on this planet we need a body that is working properly, in harmy with its environment.

People inevitably depend on their environment. They are happy when they can get on in these circumstances and emerge. It is especially uplifting when we can change and make our surroundings better by our own efforts, creating conditions in which the doer and their relatives can live on a higher standard.

People are happy when they have goals and inspiration that they want to achieve in their lives. It almost does not matter, whether these goals are great or tiny as long as they have dreams and they act with the intention to achieve them.

Happiness is guaranteed if all this is achieved in spite of all obstacles that stood in the way.

The most important criteria for happiness if to always have a goal that inspires us and launches us into the air from the bed in the morning.

In order to achieve any goal there are two vital conditions: strength and intelligence. Strength is produced by the body while intelligence is by the mind. Whatever we do in life, there is certainly both strength and intelligence in its act.

When one of them is lacking, a person will face obstacles to do their tasks.

However, both skills can be studied and improved.

There are two essentials for the human body to function properly. One is nutrition that insures energy and the necessary constituents and exercise. All living creatures are in motion and they only stop moving when they die. We could also say one is alive as much as they are lively (or moving).

Data or information is the one component for the mind that it uses to do calculations. Although, it does not matter how much data or information we accumulate in our brain if we can not utilize them properly. We need to have a technology to know how to use the data. We know precisely what steps we need to take to execute our tasks efficiently or what the knowledge is that we lack in order to comply.

We already have 4 basic data that we can use:

food + move + data + technology

We look at these as the basic and vital four data for the optimal functioning of the human body.

We can build four practical services upon these:

Food – we need to know what to consume

Move – we need to know the form and the intensity of the exercise we do

Data – in order to have a wide knowledge we need reliable studies – we need true data to be skilled and competent in our chosen field.

Technology – we also need to know how to put this knowledge to practice to achieve our goals. We need the right technology for life. We also need to know how we need to govern our body and mind on an expert level, to control our intentions in the direction of our goals.


The optimally functioning human body means that the body, considering the circumstances, conditions, possibilities, in other words the environment, performs on its best level, the most efficiently it can. It could perform even better, however, possible body disabilities or possibilities in the surroundings stand in the way.

A given ecosystem is basically a group of living creatures in a physical environment that are in complex interaction with one another. There is no living thing that could survive alone. They are inseparable from their environment as the individual forms a well working system with nature as a whole. The human body should be in such harmony with it, too.

Nonetheless, it is not enough to only insure the biological survival of the body, we also need to know what we want to use it for. Do we have the required skills and abilities and the right environment for it, or can we form it to be fit for our intentions?

The individual will be as successful as much reliable knowledge they have on their hands. Furthermore, how much they utilize from this competent knowledge in practice both on themselves (mind and body) and their surroundings.

Sometimes, though, the goals of the body and mind differ. This most likely happens only when the needs of the body start to dominate. For instance, when hunger or sexual drive becomes an irresistible urge and the mind becomes faded not acting consciously.

A person that is enlightened spiritually and takes full responsibility for their needs is in comfort with their needs and capable of connecting those with their own goals, in other words, they are prepared in body and mind.

When one’s harmony is created with the natural, social environment and the conformity of body and mind (when laws of nature are in place), we can assert, considering all these are adequate, the body is working optimally.

The body has to take on numerous jobs at the same time, like a universal tool.

The ultimate function of the body, which is a compromised state, is determined by all the actions done and left to do in a person’s life. The body has to adapt and adjust to these tasks and also to the quality and amount of the in taken nutrition.

Body functioning is inadequate when there are too many, or too few challenges in a person’s life, if their environment is unfit, the types of exercise they are performing are too high or too low in intensity and the dieting habits are inappropriate.

The workplace, hobby, needs of the body and social and natural environment all have to be in harmony with the individual. This requires a completely customized system for the body.

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