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What can we do now to ensure a long flourishing future?








This is not science-fiction, this is reality!


Healthy People = Healthy Society Healthy Environment 
















Simply put, this is a system that uses biosensors to inform the user what sort of nutrition they need based on their environment and suggesting a whole diet plan accordance that construction of goods certified by the system.

It helps:

to change our harmful eating and lifestyle habits

so that we could preserve our health

and obesity risk is also reduced

Usage of it:

may eliminate the allergies


reduce drug usage

and increase average age of people

 immune system becomes stronger

 mental and physical performance increases

Artificial Intelligence helps move to a natural diet,

that is both good for the human body and for the survival of the Planet,

so it is indispensable for a conscious lifestyle.

The life of nature-friendly people will become meaningful, salutary, cheerful and optimistic.


 This is the answer, that we can do good things for ourselves and for the world at the same time 




 The Gate of the III. Millennium

All the essential factors that are necessary for vital processes, and are isolated by science and economy at the moment, are integrated into a system on consensual principles. There is no existing concept today that is nearly as complex as this is.

 Whatever is good for your body, is good for the Living Planet 

The applied principles are the most significant discovery of life sciences. This guarantees the long-term survival of humanity and our Living Planet.

We know how to integrate technical civilization into the nature. This way the natural instinctive knowledge of animals (fauna) is restored by Artificial Intelligence to the human race – this system will be the “seventh sense” of mankind:

Every single stimuli we encounter affect harm our body functions, henceforth lifestyle system has to take both the data inside – from the body – and the outside data – from the biosphere – into account.

The system will be able to trace the entire process from planting the seed to being consumed, analyze and evaluate its life effects on the individual, the effect on nature, all the interactions on a global level.

This solves global food safety and health.

The best age of human history begins now!

It be extremely important to ensure that life on earth continues, and that people in the future have positive, save and beneficial lives.

This system the only way we could avoid long-term existential disaster is by taking control of our own evolution.

We ensure this Superintelligence Artificial Collective Intelligence would behave in ways that are reliably aligned with human interests.

Milestones for the development of mankind

0. Cooperation of Nations for Collective Goals

1. Integrating Civilization into the Nature

2. Harmonious Coexistence with the Living Planet

3. Space Colonization

We help people lead healthier, more productive lives.

Let us help everyone individually to make up a better functioning, happier society.

We have the means to implement it!

To learn the laws of the Universe.

That’s the price of Life!




We are facing a life-changing crossroads. We either destroy ourselves or rise up.

The human race is violating the laws of nature with its lifestyle and has become an enemy of the Living Planet. Most people struggle hopelessly to survive from day to day and live only for themselves and their family. They do not really care about anything else. Modern society regards the natural environment only as consumer goods and exploits it irresponsibly, thereby destroying the biological conditions of existence, the ecosystem- thus finally also the human race itself.



We strive for harmony with our loved ones and narrower-broader environment.

If we can cooperate with others, we are happy, if we cannot, our life will be meaningless. Our ancient bond with nature is clearly apparent from its energy imbuing our body and soul. We can be efficient and capable of living only by adjusting ourselves to the natural environment. We can form our environment also in a favorable manner with our lifestyle, as whatever is truly good for physical health will be suitable for the invigorating environment as well.



In order to move into the right direction, fundamental paradigm shift is necessary.

The world must be seen as a global unit. The key to our survival is to harmonize our lifestyle with the order of nature. Only a common systemizing principle creates the possibility to unite resources, knowledge and technology, so that technological, civilizational development can proceed in harmony with nature.
We are building a knowledge-based Bridge above the chasm between our current and ideal lifestyle.

Do you like the way we live on Earth?
Can you imagine a better health, a better life?

We do not accept that we are powerless!


It is still heavily disputed – even in higher echelons of scientists – what really are the most beneficial diet and lifestyle for humans. Nobody really knows what it is, there are only opinions, habits, traditions, obsessions and such beliefs. Not even the question of the opposite can be answered without someone giving counterarguments against it. Shall we eat meat or should we be vegetarians, no one knows the answer.

Some theories are phrased with incredible complexity and then countered by another one just as complex. If all the representatives of all the lifestyle beliefs were in the same room, it is highly possible that they would never find common ground. Most of the dieting tips are based on false information and only chase money.

Human cultures are built on eating habits. Fine dining, cuisine, culinary specialties are extremely hyped up and became fashion. People more likely consume what gives them momentary pleasure rather than long-term benefits.

Inadequate nutrition and dieting inevitably causes body-function disorders. This is the root of the so-called civilizational diseases.

It is unacceptable to keep up with these habits, knowing how obviously harmful they are.

The relations between stress and metabolism are unknown. There is complete cluelessness about the relations between the endocrine system and metabolisms on the cell levels.

However, it is obvious that people’s emotional states are in connection with what they consume. Studies or dieting habits that do not take the functioning of the endocrine system into account are worthless. The endocrine system floods the body with hormones that are necessary to digest food depending on the emotional state the person is in. Metabolism works completely differently in different emotional states.

It gets even more complicated by the fact that different foods trigger different hormonal reactions which result in different emotional states. It is a huge matter what we consume on a daily basis. The form and intensity of the physical activity influences the hormonal activity and metabolism, too.

This is called the psycho-somatic effect, the interaction between body and mind. Knowing these factors will lead us to treat diseases that are rooted in the psyche.

Unfortunately, the leading studies in sciences are not designed to take the fundamental ecological laws and complex natural systems into account and produce artificial solutions that can temporarily hide unwanted symptoms, but ultimately, their applications give space to even more problems.

Since the principals of the living organisms are unknown, the basic life conditions are not considered (meaning the right diet and lifestyle) scientist lean on synthetic solutions and genetic modifications. In lack of the proper knowledge they aim to develop treatments that only hide symptoms and because the causes remain hidden, the patients are often force to depend on a certain artificial therapy and make an addiction out of it.

This contains the potential that the already nature contradicting humans irreversibly break natural laws and put an end to our co-existence with the planet that provide us with food and life conditions. We can not survive this process unless we change our attitude in time.

In a given ecosystem, the coexistence of all life forms are governed by their metabolism in connection with the environment. All living species have to lead a predetermined diet and lifestyle in order to keep balance.

The qualities of all human civilizations are determined by their eating habits, that is what differentiates between them.

Alimentation controls controlled plantation and agriculture, which is harvested and processed by devices made in industry. Industry requires labour. Labour is provided by education and so forth. The whole system builds on our nourishment and the image of technology and culture is determined by eating habits.

Current eating habits of human civilisations have a visibly harmful effect on the ecosystem since current plantation, stock-raising, food industry completely go against the laws of nature.

To put a stop to destruction and make a sustainable development, we have to change our eating habits in the first place because that is what directly connects us to earth.

This requires a fundamental change in our attitude.

The right attitude is to restore the basic laws, metabolistic laws of nature into our civilization which will lead to a mutually beneficial existence with our planet. These are the principals of a world wide unity.

“The-Life! Pure Body Technology” can help this process in the following ways:

  1. spread these principals and make them widely known.
  2. develops technologies that are capable to connect fields of sciences, resources and technologies based on these principals.
  3. develops a bioinformation technology system that helps masses to get on track straight in direction of a healthy lifestyle.

“The-Life! Pure Body Technology” will drastically contribute to improving a healthy lifestyle view and its distribution.

People mostly believe what they see with their own eyes, things they experience first hand, by themselves. This is the main reason most of the lifestyle change attempts fail. They quickly lose motivation when they are faced with too many difficulties. If there is no guarantee that the method is efficient, people easily lose motivation before any visible, tangible change could happen. Since they are not in possession of any kind of knowledge of effective training, diet, they will not have the dedication necessary to carry it out either. All they experience is complications and no positive results.

All lifestyle changes begin with a body transformation, a physical reformation that is necessary for the new diet and physical training. This can be an unpleasant process. However, the body can get used to a harmful, poisonous diet just as much, and when there is an attempt to reform these nutrition habits, an automatic denial kicks in and the body will try to reject the new. The problem is that such a strong psychotic and chemical addiction takes place that the body denies any change at first. Bringing back a sluggish, lazy body to a fit state is no fairy tale. Much as the healthy state of the body is when it is in active motion, it takes huge willpower to shake it out of laziness. It is a huge advantage if an expert is accessible who has expertise and experience. They can better show the path, motivate, support and push them through the obstacles. “The-Life! Pure Body Technology” offers reliable knowledge that comes from experts, scientists and engineers armoured with the most cutting edge technology so people can access the best technologies at all times. While the current knowledge spreads around the globe all the users that freshly join the system will enjoy the previously accumulated knowledge and positive feedback.

Efficient prevention will obviously reform the entire image of the current healthcare system. Common diseases that are a result of inadequate lifestyle, like diabetes and diseases in consequence of obesity will be diminished. The relationship between a doctor and patient will see drastically changes as doctors will have more time on their hands to inform and advise patients more in detail.

Thanks to the digitalization of all data doctors can check on their patients remotely with all necessary information available to them.

All this will make the healing process much more effectively and much more financially beneficial for the healthcare system. The savings can be spent on other health improving strategies.

  1. Phase: (we are currently in this state). Individuals are left to be self-reliant if they want lifestyle change. This is a state of confusion in which it is hard to judge what is right and false information. It is impossible to figure out which therapeutic device works and which does not. The wrappings of unhealthy goods in the supermarkets tricks customers into the belief that they are actually healthy. Sicknesses are treated by medicine.
  2. Phase: (Getting to know the principals and sharing them with others.) An individual can much more easily find the material that is required for their progress with the proper knowledge in mind. They can easily look up services, goods, devices for themselves. Their ability to decide what is fit for them and their families improves day by day. The awareness increases gradually in more and more people. The increasing demand on the market for healthy products improves the selection in the shops drastically.
  3. Phase: (The principals of a healthy lifestyle are in place.) The collective knowledge of society is so widespread that it is mandatory school material to know about proper lifestyle. Medical schools, universities do not only deal with illnesses anymore, but also with creating circumstances for a healthy lifestyle in the first place. The attitude towards a healthy lifestyle is improved. New measures are made to control products that are harmful for humans and fit products are available.
    The market  is clean, firms that only commit to make profit, ignoring short-term and long-term effects their products cause, do not survive.

In conclusion the life of a person becomes much more comfortable, they are able to perform amazingly at their workplace and focus on their goals. Life expectancy rises and elderly age does not equal with vegetating anymore, but lively, strong life in which people are not kept alive with medicine but with fruits and vegetables.

Numerous illnesses cease to exist or become extremely rare and new remedies are constantly being made to fight them off. People are much much healthier and they can focus on the reconstruction of the society better individually which establishes a higher standard of living for the new generation. The result is healthy, self-aware, enlightened people.

Scientist make incredible discoveries around the world every day. They discover correlations between complex body mechanisms and they are able to perform operations that were only fiction not too long ago.

There is nothing bad with studies. Without them we would still be prehistoric people. Observing and studying – as long as it does not harm moral laws – is completely appropriate and necessary.

The problem is when something newly invented is not tested and goes to the public. These inventions can fit into our society having harmful effects on it.

This is why scientists today are quite uncertain if their inventions will have a long-term positive effect or it hides serious hazards instead.

A scientist who is familiar with the mechanisms of the human body, however, can work much more effectively as they already know what kind of results their inventions will have on its users. In case they are not familiar with this knowledge, they simply waste their time not knowing whether their work is going to be any useful or not.

Further problem is that we are now in possession of such chemical resources that can easily be ingredients of irreversible destruction of our ecosystem.

Sciences have been narrowed down into specifics and diverged from one another. There is no real communication between them. They generally operate separately from one another, hence they have no clue how their actions affect other fields of sciences. A scientist has overview only to their own field and often can not see the bigger picture. They are not able to fully exploit the advantages that lie in their cooperation.

There is no consensus today in sciences that could merge them together completely. For this reason, the potential to invent innovative technologies significantly drops.

“The Life! Pure Body Technology” creates a consensus for sciences that enables a better cooperation and give way to a progression that will manifest in practical products, services and technologies.

The results are going to be especially efficient in terms of uses of resources. Less wasted time and energy, less studies that are a dead-end. Financing studies will be a more reliable investment as worthy studies will be much more easily recognizable and it will be easy to filter the ones that are great for the ecosystem, society and economy.

Sickness is the disorder of body functioning. Not only does the physical processes tingle when somebody is sick, but their thoughts, too. They might feel uncertainty, fear or hopelessness. They do not know the cause of their sickness and feel scared of getting worse.

Sickness indicates that we have been doing something wrong. The problem is that by getting sick, people lose their energy and the control over their thoughts. This makes it even harder to think, study and recognize certain situations. They also do not know what treatment would serve them best and which doctor they should trust.

“The-Life! Pure Body Technology” can help these people by providing them with all the necessary things in cooperation with their doctors and their environments. Having these right conditions provided, the body will cope with healing from the sickness much more easily. Less synthetic medicine will be necessary which would cause further symptoms on the patient.



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